Fairfax, VA with its Cons

Let me start off to say that Fairfax, VA is a very beautiful area. There is plenty of opportunities for people who want to make a great life here and live with an amazing family. For example, there are plenty of vacant job opportunities for those of you who prefer working until your wheels fall off, such as construction work being continually done. There is always a large amount of construction going on, such as with the housing (apartments, houses) being built, and the work on the roads being done. Just like I said with in what “Virginia had to offer”, in a previous post in the same category, the place has much to offer, but in this post, I will highlight some of the cons. For example, if you are not rolling in cash, this area might break your bank. Next, the traffic is always large, filled with cars at any time of day. Lastly, for those that want to be able to retire and live off your savings, your savings might get eaten up here, unless you are rolling in cash. If you choose to live in Fairfax, make sure you can make at least $300,000 a year, or else you might be swimming in debt until you die….

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…to Offer.

One of the things that got me was the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, VA. For all of you that do not know, I am Catholic by birth, so you can expect me to enjoy seeing it. However, it is amazing to see the blessings that it has to offer. When I typed in “Virginia Scenery” in Google, there was a specific search that interested me. The site was called virginia.org, and it stated that “Virginia is for Lovers”. I do not know how that is the case, but it may seem as though Virginia is for lovers. When seeing that the most impressive thing that Virginia has to offer is the living heirlooms, such as the Jefferson’s tulips, I could not help but start thinking of Virginia as a site for lovers. When scrolling through the site, I could not help but notice that areas like “Bacon’s Castle” and “Bark Camp Lake Trials” sound like great dating locations. This is my first impression of Virginia and I cannot help but be impressed at what I see. I enjoy it and am willing to visit Virginia with my boo. For those that do not know, a boo is someone that is very near and dear. A boo is that special someone that you really enjoy being around and have nice relations with. On a side note, the scenery in Virginia encompassed many pages of scenic events, which I admired. Here is a picture, showing you.

Scenic Drives Places   Virginia Is For Lovers

The image came out somewhat blurry, but as you can tell from the image, there are many scenic environments on that page (the red headings). At the bottom, you can see all the pages that are marked by the squiggly line. The words on the bottom left show the blurred image of “Virginia is for Lovers”. Scroll through the site and you will see all the things that show how Virginia is actually a great place to take people on a date.

Even looking at West Virginia Scenery on pinterest.com, shows that Virginia has much to offer. They have images of many beautiful-looking wildlife and other things. The images of the rivers, trees, sky, and other landmarks were obviously intentionally picked, but it is true that the scenes are nice to look at. Although you might not see exactly what they see on the images, it does not deny the fact that you will see something similar. If you do decide to go to Virginia, just be aware that it has much of offer.

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The Lifestyle Is Pretty Good

Remember how I was telling you of Chantilly’s Finest Dentists? It was actually quite what I expected. The dentistry was amazing and the dentists were very good when they were on the job. However, I was able to see them when they were off the job. The lifestyle is pretty good. One of the dentists was driving a Mercedes Benz, and I could not help but notice that it was a shear green color, similar to how the Eosin-Methylene Blue makes when it encounters a Gram-negative bacterium (for all those microbiologist science geeks that know what I am talking about). It was a very nice color and made very shiny marks when it was in the sun. Part of me was thinking of how ostentatious it looked, but then I had to understand that the doctors earned it, and I could not help but admire their success, in terms of material wealth.

With my little bit of courage, I decided to ask him if he would be able to tell me the lifestyle of being a dentist. I already knew that being a dentist was a six-figure job, but I wanted to know what it meant to truly engage in the lifestyle of being a dentist. I sure thought it would be amazing to imagine a two-story house, great food, and prestige, but I wanted to know it from a dentist’s perspective. He actually started off saying, “Being a dentist is not about a two-story house, great food, and prestige, but about loving to serve people when restoring their natural teeth. When people lose their teeth, they do everything in their power to restore it; therefore, our mission is to bring that back and make them feel like they did. This might not be the same reason that different dentists give for becoming a dentist, but it is my reason. The pay is nice, and surely is enticing, but I never really wanted to do this solely to get paid well. If I absolutely hated the job, but got paid well, I would feel miserable, for 8 hours of my day everyday, which equates to 33% of my life time. That would end up being more, because I would be nagging about it at home as well, so you might as well shoot that up to 50%, or half, of my life gone to something I do not like. That does not sound attractive to me, so when I choose to spend the next forty years of my life practicing dentistry, it is because (1) I like the pay, and (2) that I enjoy it. Number 2 is more important than number 1, but number 1 is still important. Obtaining a job that I does not pay for child’s college or can barely put food on the table is not a job I can afford to take. As a father and role model to my community, I must be able to provide for my family; Therefore, it makes sense that I choose to get something that I am both competent at, and pays well. As for the lifestyle of being a dentist at Chantilly, I go to conferences tri-yearly (if that is a word), go to my two-story home, eat some home cooking (my wife and I switch every two nights), listen to my kids come from their private school, and relax on my couch and watch my flat screen. Does that answer your question?”


Like I said, the lifestyle is pretty good.

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The Life of a Great Dentist



This post is used to emphasize the amazing dentistry of Chantilly’s Finest Dentists, which is located in Chantilly, VA. Just look at that post. If there was something that I had to admire, it would have to be the expert advice of these people here. For example, there are many people who deal with harmful things that happened to their teeth and choose to live with it. Not I. I could not stand to see my teeth feeling harmful, just because it had to deal with saving a few extra dollars. You know that you are putting your health at a price, when you choose to live your life like that. Meanwhile, I am getting an amazing dentist, such as those from dental areas. However, I really liked this one from Chantilly, VA. When I needed teeth whitening done, I had a great amount of service and care provided for at an affordable rate. I liked the services they offered for dental implants, dental invisalign implants, crown implants, and other services. They were very nice and professional, which is why I had to complement them. The doctors go to great lengths to make sure that I had the best service, saying that they go through great lengths to make sure that they get better all the time. As long as they are willing to improve, they are all for it. I really respect that.



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Hello world!

Hello world. Welcome to the blog of Deep Aquila, in which we have a theme centered around the constellation of the giant eagle. It is heavily influenced by Greek culture, but will not solely center on Greek culture. Therefore, we will talk about anything and everything under the sun. For those of you that stop by, be sure to leave a comment so that you may join in on the conversations!

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